Consequences if you have Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking?

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1.        Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking leads to sleep deprivation
Since the Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking is caused when one cannot relax in sleep and feels tension during sleep, it can causes one to get out of its naturnal cycle of sleep resulting in the lack of sleep.  This is because studies have shown that Sleep walking is related to sleep deprivation. As a result, often, sufferers of Sleep walking finds it hard to get back to sleep once awakened. As such, most sufferers of Sleep walking suffer from insomnia as well.

2.        Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking leads to mental problems
It is understandable why one would deem sleep walking as embarrassing especially if you are a mature adult. Very often, sleep walkers does silly things in sleep unconsciously. Embarrassed, the sufferers of this sleep disorder will feel a great need to combat his situation, hence will undergo great amount of stress and tension. These emotional distress will lead to physiological problems such as depression and anxiety. In extreme cases, one may even become socially withdrawn.

3.        Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking is linked to eating disorder
One cannot control what happens while he sleep walks, because although in action, one is in fact still sleeping. The most common activity during sleep walking is the consumption of food. This destroys the natural food cycle of your body and can lead to adverse consequences such as having eating disorder like bulimia or obesity.

4. Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking is makes you tired in the day
I’m sure most of you have experience this, if you can’t sleep the previous night, the next day you will definitely be overcome with fatigue. Poor sleep due to Sleep walking will make you exhausted. Being tired, you will face difficulty completing a task assigned to you. Most frequently, you might even screw things up. Carrying a sleep debt reduced your efficiently greatly.

5. Sleep Disorder, Sleep endangers your life
As intuitive as it is, the term sleep walking is came up with because sufferers literally walks and carry out other activities while they sleep. During each attack, the way you sleep walk differs greatly, from simply pacing around the room to vigorous exercise such as running around an area. Due to this unpredictable and random nature of sleepwalking, it is hard to combat it and make precautions to ensure the sufferer’s safety. In some cases, even simple task like walking up the stairs, sufferers can trip and injure themselves. Imagine in extreme cases, such as cooking, the consequences can be disastrous!

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