Sleep Walking

Understand the dangers of sleep walking and thus want to combat your sleep walking situation as soon as possible?

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Suffers from Sleep walking?
Here are 5 effective suggestions to reduce Sleep walking:

1. Maintain your Sleep Cycle
Keep the habit of waking up and turning in at the same time everyday. Do not ever give yourself the excuse of catching up on sleep just because you have not been sleeping well for the past few nights. This is because by allowing yourself just a few more hours of sleep would destroy your body clock and only deteriorate your sleep cycle and ensure that you can’t sleep well. By ensuring that you can sleep well will inevitably reduce problems caused by the Sleep walking such as insomnia. It can also minimise Sleep walking problems.

2.      The help of Ice
Sleep disorder, Sleep walking causes you to have facial ache especially at areas near the jaw. Your grandparents might have told you their traditional and natural remedies to solve aches, and that is to use ice. At the spot of the facial ache, rub the ice across the area to relieve the pain.

3.      Drink a lot of water
Most sleep disorder Sleep walking sufferers will feel that they have dry throat in the morning. To combat this, it is good to drink more water in the morning, preferably 2 litres per day. This is a good habit to keep even if you do not suffer from Sleep walking as it is vital that human beings replenish water each day.

4.      Relax
To reduce the effects of sleep disorder Sleep walking, sufferers should learn to relax especially the facial area. One can do so, by exerting pressure on certain acupunture points on your face to help the relaxation of the face. Please note that such actions will causes discomfort in the beginning, however, this is normal. Engage in face relaxation activity daily and it will certainly help alleviate your sleep disorder Sleep walking.

5. Avoid these food before sleep
Just like having braces, there are some food which you cannot consume, especially food that are extremely hard to chew. For instance, steak, candy and uncut apple are some of the common hard food. Reduce consumption of these food as it adds on pressure and tension to the jaw, and this will only exuberate the  situation of your sleep disorder, Sleep walking.

Now, experiment with these effective tips and we wish you all the best in your sleep endeavours!

1.        Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking leads to sleep deprivation
Since the Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking is caused when one cannot relax in sleep and feels tension during sleep, it can causes one to get out of its naturnal cycle of sleep resulting in the lack of sleep.  This is because studies have shown that Sleep walking is related to sleep deprivation. As a result, often, sufferers of Sleep walking finds it hard to get back to sleep once awakened. As such, most sufferers of Sleep walking suffer from insomnia as well.

2.        Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking leads to mental problems
It is understandable why one would deem sleep walking as embarrassing especially if you are a mature adult. Very often, sleep walkers does silly things in sleep unconsciously. Embarrassed, the sufferers of this sleep disorder will feel a great need to combat his situation, hence will undergo great amount of stress and tension. These emotional distress will lead to physiological problems such as depression and anxiety. In extreme cases, one may even become socially withdrawn.

3.        Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking is linked to eating disorder
One cannot control what happens while he sleep walks, because although in action, one is in fact still sleeping. The most common activity during sleep walking is the consumption of food. This destroys the natural food cycle of your body and can lead to adverse consequences such as having eating disorder like bulimia or obesity.

4. Sleep Disorder, Sleep walking is makes you tired in the day
I’m sure most of you have experience this, if you can’t sleep the previous night, the next day you will definitely be overcome with fatigue. Poor sleep due to Sleep walking will make you exhausted. Being tired, you will face difficulty completing a task assigned to you. Most frequently, you might even screw things up. Carrying a sleep debt reduced your efficiently greatly.

5. Sleep Disorder, Sleep endangers your life
As intuitive as it is, the term sleep walking is came up with because sufferers literally walks and carry out other activities while they sleep. During each attack, the way you sleep walk differs greatly, from simply pacing around the room to vigorous exercise such as running around an area. Due to this unpredictable and random nature of sleepwalking, it is hard to combat it and make precautions to ensure the sufferer’s safety. In some cases, even simple task like walking up the stairs, sufferers can trip and injure themselves. Imagine in extreme cases, such as cooking, the consequences can be disastrous!

Your family member told you that they saw you walking into the kitchen the night before, but you can’t recollect any encounter of that at all?

You notice that your messy table is magically packed by the next morning but do not know who did it or what happened?

Then you may be suffering from the sleep disorder, sleep walking.

Find our how to solve your sleep-walking disorder right now!

You are suffering from Sleep Disorder, Sleep-walking if you:

  • The way you sleep walk differs greatly, from simply pacing around the room to vigorous exercise such as running around an area. During sleepwalking, the way your exhibit these motions may look silly and clumsy.
  • During attacks, sufferers of this sleep disorder, sleepwalking, will open their eye and appear to be staring into blank space while exhibiting other body movement such as walking. They do not raise their arms in a horizontally manner as shown in many movies.
  • When being asked a question, suffers of this sleep disorder, sleepwalking either not answer, give nonsensical answers or simple give extremely simple answers. Sleep walking sufferers can’t remember what they are being asked.
  • For children, sleepwalking is usually accompanied by bed-wetting.

Causes of Sleep Disorder, Sleep-walking:

As widely known, there are 4 stages to the sleep cycle. Most frequently, sleep walking will occur in the first few stages during the non- rapid eye movement stage, especially in the deep sleep of those stages. It can last to as short as a few seconds to as long as up to 30 minutes. During which, different type of actions will be carried out for different people. And during each attacks, the actions may differ.

The causes of this sleep disorder, sleep walking differs and varies for different age group of people.

Here are some possible factors as to why one suffers from sleepwalking:

1.      Mental illnesses / emotional distress – you are depress, you face a lot of stress and anxiety.

2.      Unhealthy Lifestyle – alcoholism and drug abuse

3.      nervous system – signal sent from brain to nerve changes and thus lead to sleep walking.

4.      related sleep disorder – you suffer from related and interconnected sleep disorder such as insomnia can contribute to sleepwalking.

5.      Genetics – it is common for the family to experience similar illnesses.

6.      Others – certain types of medication and food will affect your sleep.