Periodic Limb Movement

Your limbs move uncontrollable in a rhythmic way which is unpredictable? Suspect that you suffer from the sleep disorder – periodic limb movement disorder?

Well, confirm your suspicion with the symptoms below then!

There are 2 kinds of Periodic limb movement disorder, primary or secondary. Primary Periodic limb movement has to do with difference in the movement of electric signals in your nerves as compared to normal people. Secondary Primary Periodic limb movement on the other hand is linked to other illnesses.

You are suffering from Sleep Disorder, Periodic Limb Movement if you:

  • You suffer from insomnia due to the jerking of limbs.
  • Even in the morning, you feel extremely exhausted.
  • You are not conscious about the rhythmic movement of your limbs, usually experienced on the knee, ankle, arm and lower calf.
  • Movement are unpredictable in terms of magnitude. It can be mild or as vigorous as kicking.
  • You experience the symptoms around every minute
  • Each attack last about 2 seconds.

Causes of Sleep Disorder, Periodic Limb Movement :
This sleep disorder is a subset of the Restless Leg Syndrome. they are highly similar. The only difference is that periodic limb movement causes the muscles to move in a rhythmic way. Hence their causes overlaps.

Here are some possible factors:
1.      Mental illnesses / emotional distress – you are depress, you face a lot of stress and anxiety.

2.      physical illness – medical problems such as diabetes, anemia and low iron in your body can lead to this sleep disorder.

3.      Spinal cord – you face previous injuries on your spinal cord which controls flow of signal to brain, improper flow of signal causes this sleep disorder.

4.      related sleep disorder – you suffer from related and interconnected sleep disorder such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy which can contribute to the sleep disorder, Periodic Limb Movement.

5.      Genetics – it is common for the family to experience similar illnesses.

6.      withdrawal symptom – this is a form of withdrawal symptom when you stop consuming certain kind of drugs.

7.      Others – certain types of medication and food will affect your sleep.