Types of Sleep Disorder

Different types of Sleep Disorder

This particular sleep disorder is the most common and can affect anybody – young and old. This sleep disorder is defined as one’s inability to engage in comfortable sleep. One explanation as to why one can’t sleep would be due to the stressful lifestyle that one leads in today’s competitive society. Other explanations can be linked to illnesses such as eating disorder, depression and anxiety.

Don’t fret if you suffer from insomnia because it can be easily solved. The key to solving insomnia is to be relax and be optimistic about the situation. All natural solutions only work after a period of time as your body takes time to adapt to your new behaviours. So be prepared to make changes and be patient as you wait for the body to do the magic.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea is one of the most dangerous sleep disorders because it can seize your life if not taken care of properly. This sleep disorder is characterised by sudden stop in breathing or weak breathes. Such sudden stop last for around 15 seconds, and can happen for 25 times just in 1 hour. One explanation for such a sleep disorder is due to obesity which may block airways hence contributing to difficulty in breathing.

This sleep disorder can be alleviated once the sufferer loses weight.

This sleep disorder occurs when one make noises either through the nose or the mouth during sleep. It affects the people in your surrounding such as your spouse. One explanation for such a sleep disorder can be due to bad sleep posture, obesity or other throat problem.

For mild cases, this sleep disorder can be alleviated once the sufferer loses weight or sleep on his side.

Restless Legs Syndrome
This sleep disorder occurs when one cannot control its limbs at times, allowing the limbs to move suddenly. Such movement is due to discomfort. While these movement alleviates the discomfort, it is only temporary.

This sleep disorder could be due to pregnancy, or other medical illnesses.

Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep
This sleep disorder is a subset of the Restless Leg Syndrome. theyare highly similar. The only difference is that periodic limb movement causes the muscles to move in a rhythmic way.

This sleep disorder is also known as the “Sleeping Beauty” Syndrome, where one just feel extreme fatigue and sleeps all the time unconsciously. Sufferers can sleep anytime, anywhere and in any circumstances. This will greatly affect a person’s normal way of living. This sleep disorder is due to lack of a stimulating hormone call the hypocretin, which makes one feel awake. Such sleep disorder is may genetic.