What are the Consequences if you Can’t Sleep?

1.        Sleep Deprivation leads to mental problems
Usually one can’t sleep due to emotional distress such as stress, anxiety or depression. Lacking sleep will only cause the emotional state of mind gains more tension, worsening the situation as a result. It could lead to low self esteem as well since sleep deprivation makes one gain dark circles and eye bags, impairing one’s beauty.

2.        Sleep Deprivation leads to Weight gain
According to statistics, if you can’t sleep, you are more likely to be obese. This is because sleep deprivation changes hormones released. More hormones stimulating hunger will be released, making one wants to eat more. With increased supper being eaten, one will only grow fat.

3.        Sleep Deprivation leads to Short-term memory
Studies have shown that if you ain what lack sleep, you will have bad memory because sleep deprivation will slow down brain activity. Some also suggest that if you sleep after you had an exam, it is more likely that you will retain what you have learnt.

4.        Sleep Deprivation affects your Intelligence
Often, it is those you lack sleep who fares badly in an examination. Therefore you frequently see teachers urging their students to sleep more instead of burning midnight oil the night before the examinations.

5.       Sleep Deprivation makes you less productive
I’m sure most of you have experience this, if you can’t sleep the previous night, the next day you will definitely be overcome with fatigue. Being tired, you will face difficulty completing a task assigned to you. Most frequently, you might even screw things up. Carrying a sleep debt reduced your efficiently greatly.

6. Sleep Deprivation causes mood swings
Lacking sleep will slow down the activity of you rbrain and causes hormal change in your body. Your body takes time to adapt to such drastic changes and hence one will be subjected to a highly irritable and moody state.

7. Sleep Deprivation makes you lazy and unmotivated
Obviously, lacking sleep will make one experience extreme fatigue. This in turn causes one to become lazy and hence being unwilling to do anything at all except for be a couch potato. As such, he will not have the motivation and determination to do anything or make changes.

8. Sleep Deprivation makes one Reckless
As mention, sleep deprivation causes hormonal change and slows down brain activity. Thus making one unable to think straight, often committing reckless acts.