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Why do you suffer from Insomnia?

by The Sleeps Well Team on

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Insomnia can affect anybody – young and old. The key to solving insomnia is to be relax and be optimistic about the situation. All natural solutions only work after a period of time as your body takes time to adapt to your new behaviours. So be prepared to make changes and be patient as you wait for the body to do the magic.

To solve insomnia, we have to discover what is the root cause that make you can’t sleep.

Here are some possible factors:

1.      Mental illnesses / emotional distress – depression, anxiety, stress.
2.      Physical illness – body ache, cramps, diabetes, breathing problems, indigestion.
3.      Lifestyle Change – new home, new workplace, new environment.
4.      Unhealthy Lifestyle – smoking, alcohol, burning midnight oil.