5 effective suggestions to improve your Sleep walking

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Understand the dangers of sleep walking and thus want to combat your sleep walking situation as soon as possible?

You are on the right site. We have designed this website to offer you causes, consequences and cures for your sleep disorder situation.

Suffers from Sleep walking?
Here are 5 effective suggestions to reduce Sleep walking:

1. Maintain your Sleep Cycle
Keep the habit of waking up and turning in at the same time everyday. Do not ever give yourself the excuse of catching up on sleep just because you have not been sleeping well for the past few nights. This is because by allowing yourself just a few more hours of sleep would destroy your body clock and only deteriorate your sleep cycle and ensure that you can’t sleep well. By ensuring that you can sleep well will inevitably reduce problems caused by the Sleep walking such as insomnia. It can also minimise Sleep walking problems.

2.      The help of Ice
Sleep disorder, Sleep walking causes you to have facial ache especially at areas near the jaw. Your grandparents might have told you their traditional and natural remedies to solve aches, and that is to use ice. At the spot of the facial ache, rub the ice across the area to relieve the pain.

3.      Drink a lot of water
Most sleep disorder Sleep walking sufferers will feel that they have dry throat in the morning. To combat this, it is good to drink more water in the morning, preferably 2 litres per day. This is a good habit to keep even if you do not suffer from Sleep walking as it is vital that human beings replenish water each day.

4.      Relax
To reduce the effects of sleep disorder Sleep walking, sufferers should learn to relax especially the facial area. One can do so, by exerting pressure on certain acupunture points on your face to help the relaxation of the face. Please note that such actions will causes discomfort in the beginning, however, this is normal. Engage in face relaxation activity daily and it will certainly help alleviate your sleep disorder Sleep walking.

5. Avoid these food before sleep
Just like having braces, there are some food which you cannot consume, especially food that are extremely hard to chew. For instance, steak, candy and uncut apple are some of the common hard food. Reduce consumption of these food as it adds on pressure and tension to the jaw, and this will only exuberate the  situation of your sleep disorder, Sleep walking.

Now, experiment with these effective tips and we wish you all the best in your sleep endeavours!

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