Insomnia: Why Can’t I Sleep?

Can’t Sleep?

Insomnia can affect anybody – young and old. It can be either temporary or chronic if serious. The key to solving insomnia is to be relax and be optimistic about the situation. All natural solutions only work after a period of time as your body takes time to adapt to your new behaviours. So be prepared to make changes and be patient as you wait for the body to do the magic.

You are suffering from insomnia if you:
· Can’t sleep even when you are exhausted
· Make many trips to the toilet in a single night
· Unable to sleep after you wake up in the middle of the night.
· Still feel tired after sleeping
· Needs to take sleeping pills
· Cannot focus and is easily distracted and extremely moody

Causes as to why can’t you sleep
Here are some possible factors:
1. Mental illnesses / emotional distress – you are depress, you face a lot of stress and anxiety.
2. Physical illness – you have body ache, cramps, diabetes, breathing problems, indigestion.
3. Related sleep disorder – sleep disorder such as apnea can make you can’t sleep.
4. Lifestyle Change – new home, new workplace, new environment.
5. Jet Lag – especially is you travel to a place with a different time zone.
6. Unhealthy Lifestyle – smoking, alcohol, burning midnight oil.
7. Bad sleep cycle – you do not wake up and sleep at the same time daily.
8. Hormonal changes – due to pregnancy or other reasons.
9. Genetics – it is common for the family to experience similar illnesses.
10. Others – certain types of medication and food will affect your sleep.