Causes of Snoring

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Suffers from Sleep disorder – snoring?

Tired of your spouse’s complaining about your snoring problem?

Tried every natural remedies to stop you snoring issue but nothing seems to help?

Worried that your snoring sleep disorder may be indicative of sleep apnea?

Fret not! We have designed this website to offer you causes, consequences and cures for your sleep disorder situation.

This sleep disorder, snoring occurs when one make noises either through the nose or the mouth during sleep. It affects the people in your surrounding such as your spouse. One explanation for such a sleep disorder can be due to bad sleep posture, obesity or other throat problem.

For mild cases, this sleep disorder can be alleviated once the sufferer loses weight or sleep on his side.

Causes of Snoring

Snoring is usually due to blockage in airway which interferes with the breathing mechanism. Such blockage is usually caused by the swelling of your airway or bad sleeping posture. It could also be due to the fact that you were born with different set of muscles in your throat. The narrow airway will caused you to create sound while you sleep, also known as snoring.

Here are some possible factors:

  • Age. As you grow old, your throat will narrow and swell causing you to snore.
  • Body setup. You were born with a different set of muscles in your throat that makes you snore.
  • Genetics – it is common for the family to experience similar illnesses.
  • Illnesses. Certain illness such as sore throat causes inflammation in the throat, leading to swelling of the throat hence snoring.
  • Obese. Deposits of fat on your throat makes your muscle weak, and blocks the airway, contributing to snoring.
  • Alcohol, smoking, and medications. Such items enhances muscle relaxation which is a factor leading to snoring.
  • Sleep posture. Sleeping on the back increases relaxation of the muscle at the back of your throat, which is a contributing factor to snoring issue.

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