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Suffers from Sleep Disorder – Narcolepsy?
This sleep disorder is also known as the “Sleeping Beauty” Syndrome, where one just feel extreme fatigue and feels like sleeping all the time unconsciously. Sufferers can sleep anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances. This will greatly affect a person’s normal way of living. This sleep disorder is due to lack of a stimulating hormone call the hypocretin, which makes one feel awake. Such sleep disorder may be genetic.

You are suffering from Sleep Disorder, Narcolepsy if you:

  • Feels exhausted all the time especially in the morning
  • Experience adrenaline rush at night, making you feel awake and excited.
  • Experience sudden memory loss of what just happened a few minutes ago
  • Unable to control movement of your limbs when you are sleeping and even when you’re awake
  • Cannot focus and is easily distracted and extremely moody
  • Experiences strong feelings such as extreme frustration, anger, joy
  • Hallucinate mind-boggling things
  • Dream immediately after you fall asleep. (normal people only dream after falling asleep for 90 minutes.)

Causes of Sleep Disorder, Narcolepsy:
Sleep apnea is caused when you airway is blocked due to muscle relaxation causing you to have weak breathes when you sleep.

Here are some possible factors:

1.      Mental illnesses / emotional distress – you are depress, you face a lot of stress and anxiety.

2.      Lack for brain chemical call hypocretin which regulates your sleep cycle.

3.      Genetics – it is common for the family to experience similar illnesses.

4.      Different brain chemical being released that causes fatigue.

5.      Others – certain types of medication and food will affect your sleep.


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